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This is going to be tough.

But it’ll be worth it.

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When you started your company, the mountains looked impossibly far away, and the traveling was easy.

You made a mix of good and not so good choices. You learned, and you kept moving. But the farther you travel, the steeper the ground gets, and the more technical the climb becomes. Now you can actually picture what the mountain peaks will be like. Now there are more people counting on you, and mistakes cost you ground you can’t afford to give up. Now the journey is getting serious.

Your startup is now ready for its expansion stage. This is the beginning of taking your idea and your small founding team to new heights.

Now is the hard part. The lonely time. The stretch where there are so many unknowns, and too few seasoned climbers on your team for you to be sure of your route, your equipment, and what’s around the next turn. This is the time of “already” and “not yet.” The time when you’ve invested so much, and work so hard, but in reality have yet to accomplish anything you feel all that proud of.

This is where you find a firm like ours. We are guides who specialize in expansion stage technology companies.

Someone who’s been in your boots, who’s spent serious time with the VCs on the peaks that stand before you–and who can help you get to them as quickly as possible, in the best shape possible.

Even better if you launched your startup outside of the United States and are ready to bring it into the US market. Helping international startups enter the US is our particular specialty.

We partner with early stage B2B software companies who are ready to enter the US market with a strong growth focus.

We deliver seasoned founder leadership development, operational support, and fund raising guidance before our clients are ready for venture capital support, without the entanglements that accompany engaging VCs.

During our two-year engagements, we function as a hands-on operational advisor and mentor for founding CEOs and leadership teams as we help define product-market fit, build out sales and operational functions, assemble boards of directors, and position the company for optimal US-based VC funding.

Companies that partner with us reap the benefits of:

  • Experience incubating & growing non-US companies in the US.
  • Experience aligning the right product-market fit for US distribution.
  • Guidance in defining & managing the right performance metrics.
  • A network of top tier operational vendors, partners, & resources.
  • Deep experience at building & managing boards of directors.
  • Familiarity navigating all things related to US investors & fundraising.
  • Unparalleled mentorship for the CEO & senior leadership.
  • A focused & time-bound commitment to strong, capital-effecient growth.
  • An ability to navigate around both common & uncommon traps.

...And a significantly greater likelihood of success for the business as a whole.