Archive: Jul 2015

Setting Up in the US Playbook


Just finished reading “Setting Up in the US Playbook” by the team at Frontline Ventures. ┬áIt is basically a recipe book for getting your US entry planned and executed. The primary assumption here is that there is a clear product/market fit for your venture in the US, and that the US market can be a primary market for you. Obviously there are all kind of nuances, and no ebook can cover them all.

Over the last 18 months as I’ve been advising and helping various non-US startups get into the US (or dissuade them from doing that), I’ve had to retrospect on some of the ground rules I had been preaching. For examples:

  • I used to think that a company can’t scale with a virtual office model. But the team at ProofHQ have shown that it can be done, now with 100 employees, 80% of whom work from virtual offices.
  • I used to think that the founding CEO needs to move to the US. But the CEO at ThinkTank has shown that there are exceptions.
  • I used to think that US debt-based funding is not an option for non-US companies. But firms like SaaS Capital have started to invest in non-US companies like FreeAgent.