Predictable Revenue Bundle


You all probably (or should) have already read and implemented the best practices of Predictable Revenue. I ran into this interesting bundle around Aaron’s teachings. It’s the Predictable Revenue Bundle of books and apps for sales teams.

The latest I’ve seen in sales tools around my portfolio companies include:

CRM: Pipedrive to get started. Salesforce when you’re ready to graduate. Avoid Zoho.

Contact management: I hear Contactually is good. I personally use Streak because it is built into Gmail.

Lead scraping: Combine LinkedIn searches with Salesloft Prospector. The latter is a nifty tool that embeds within the LinkedIn browser to automate the scraping. It also has a decent email finder, which tends to be better than I found it figures out emails with 60% or so accuracy, and the rest you have to do manually.   For more on scraping hacks check out this post.

Lead lookup: I use Rapportive in Gmail to automate LinkedIn and email lookups.

Email tracking: Toutapp and Yesware seems to be battling it out.  The team at ProofHQ started with Yesware and switched to Touapp and they’re happy.

Outbound calling cadence:  Your outbound prospecting team should not rely on your CRM to maintain cadence. Check out Salesloft Cadence and SalesVue (for Salesloft Cadence is the newer tool, and the company is an awesome startup with very good service. SalesVue doesn’t have a model user interface, but is very well built to work with SFDC. And their team is very good at the science of outbound calling.

Phone tools: many to mention, but start with

And the list goes on and on.

More on tools in this post by Bowery Capital and InsightSquared